Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Live From Rockefeller Plaza

Over the years, I’ve joined the Today Show crowds in Rockefeller Center more than once. Each time I went, it was to enjoy a free performance of a beloved favorite (i.e. Ricky Martin, Olivia Newton-John). On Monday, my visit was precipitated by a different purpose – shameless self-promotion for Single Gal In The City.

Bleary eyed and bundled up because of unseasonably cold temperatures (it felt like the teens with the wind chill), I headed over to the plaza in front of Studio 1A around 630am. From trophy-bearing school athletes in Texas to red raincoat-wearing Arkansas natives, I had plenty of company.

Anchor Meredith Vieira mingling with the crowd

All of us in the crowd were disappointed to learn that weatherman Al Roker was on vacation, and Matt Lauer was out recovering from a deer encounter on his bike. Still, anchors Meredith Vieira and Lester Holt did a good job of making everyone feel welcome when they came out to do a few quick liveshots.

Meredith did the most mingling, posing for pictures and addressing many in the crowd (myself included) as “sweetie.”

I was standing right behind her as she gave a journalism student the chance to read some on-air copy.

Caught On Camera: Watching Meredith Vieira shine the spotlight on an aspiring journalist

I was caught on camera two more times -- during a quick pan of the crowd, and when Lester Holt teased what was coming up.

It’s A Sign: Sharing my diary writing habit with Today’s audience

Though I didn’t get to mention SGITC on air, I enjoyed my fleeting 15 seconds of fame -- especially because it’s motivated me to pay a visit to Today’s competitors. The Early Show and Good Morning America, here I come!


Globetrottingbride said...

That looks like so much fun!!! And you got some great shots! I was there once in the freezing cold to promote a client and they kept ignoring us because we looked too PRish : ).

the shark said...

I didn't see you this morning on "Good Morning America"... to fun!