Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Celebrating Travel Therapy

Last Thursday, my friend Lauren and I had the pleasure of meeting travel writer and author Karen Schaler at a signing for her new book, “Travel Therapy.”

Travelgirls: Author Karen Schaler and me at a Border’s book signing for “Travel Therapy”

Karen shared her experiences of travel therapy -- including a life-changing stint as an embedded Scottsdale TV reporter in Afghanistan.

“That trip was great therapy for me--as crazy as that sounds,” she says. “I loved the experience and was supposed to go back again with ground troops. When my tv station canceled, I knew I could do more then just cover local news. It made me realize life is short and I quit.”

And so, the idea of “Travel Therapy” was born. After several agents had expressed interest in her manuscript, Karen picked up and moved to NY without knowing a soul – optimistic that her idea would find a publisher. By the time her plane landed in the Big Apple, a publisher had signed her.

“Travel Therapy” features interviews with travel experts and therapists, and quizzes designed to help you find the perfect getaway for any occasion. And the stunning photography makes you want to book your next trip immediately.

Before Karen’s signing was over, I won one of the raffle prizes -- a spa gift certificate to Scottsdale’s swanky Phoenician Resort. The freebie might inspire Lauren and me to take a Southwestern girlfriends getaway this fall. Now that’s my idea of travel therapy!

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TravelTherapy said...

Thank you for coming to the Travel Therapy book signing and how awesome that you won the free spa treatment at The Phoenician! Some things are just meant to be!!!