Monday, May 11, 2009

Outrageous Online Dating Tales: Part Two

In the uncertain world of online dating, romantic chemistry isn’t always easy to find. Also increasingly rare – the art of handling rejection gracefully.

Last week, a good friend of mine forwarded me an email exchange with a bachelor whom she didn’t feel any sparks with. She politely told him her feelings:

“It was lovely meeting you, though to be honest, I don't think we are a match. I appreciate your not playing games and being very up front - it's sweet and flattering. I know you'll make "the" girl very happy one day. Best of luck in the search.”

This was his grammatically challenged response:

“I guess you should have told me right after we wet for yogurt that you didn’t feel it..I would have saved blowing the additional $20 at the shrimp bar. I would have much rather given the money to some beggar. I try to be mentsch and a gentleman and treat a girl with class, and what I get in return is, as to be expected from women like you, a punch in the gut…

When you are 40, and still single, which I am certain you will still be (no offense, just being candid) you will look back and say: wow I can’t have any kids at this age and I am all alone. There were so many guys out there that were nice to me, but I had to play “Miss Big Shot” and pray that a shining knight on a white horse from Jdate no less, will sweep me off my find. Get real and good luck to you too!”

So much for being a gentleman.

Speaking of ungentlemanly behavior, the above email got me to thinking about one of my online dating horror stories with a guy from

Seconds after we met, he said I looked “different” from my profile photo – and that that was neither good or bad.

Upon returning home from our 10-minute date, I couldn’t resist the impulse to email him and say it’s impolite to insult someone straight off the bat. His reply—

“If I had told you what I really thought, you would’ve slapped me across the face.”

And this was from a man whose profile headline read, “Harry Seeking Sally.” Talk about false advertising.

Fortunately, online dating disasters like the above are occasionally balanced out by the unexpected good guy. Coming up…details about my recent encounter with a sweet bachelor in that category.


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Ed said...

Hard to believe that these things actually happen. It sounds as if those guys shouldn't wonder why they are single.

the shark said...

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people say: "...No offense, BUT,.. " Really? If you know that it is offensive, maybe you shouldn't say it?

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