Friday, May 15, 2009

Breaking The Rules

One of the big surprises of thirtysomething singlehood -- apart from the surprise of still being single -- is the attitude shift that happens when it comes to dating.

Call it a learning curve or mellowing with age, but the rules of dating become more bendable as you get older -- a welcome twist I’m rediscovering with Cedric.

The NY International Auto Show: Where Cedric and I first crossed paths

Cedric and I met last month at a gala preview for the New York Auto Show. Smart, adorable and Swiss born (yes, he has a sexy accent), he intrigued me right away.

We ended up sharing a few tipsy kisses and the next day, I found myself emailing Cedric to wish him well on his imminent vacation. He replied immediately, which encouraged me to initiate contact again after he returned a few weeks later.

During my twenties, making the first move after meeting a guy was unfathomable to me. After all, popular wisdom says that if a man is interested, he'll do the follow up, right?

While I’m still inclined to agree with that particular rule, I’m also finding that very liberating to depart from tradition and see what happens.

What’s happened here is Cedric asked me out and we met for drinks last week. The easy banter between us was still the same, the kissing still exhilarating. We’re seeing each other again on Monday.

It’s too soon to tell if all this chemistry will amount to more than a passing flirtation. Then again, isn’t that what breaking the rules is all about?

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