Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Conundrum Of Being Around Couples

When you reach your mid-thirties and still find yourself single, you invariably also find yourself, at times, surrounded by couples.

That’s turned out to be the case with Zog, the co-ed sports league I signed up for about a month ago. Our volleyball team of 10 people is populated with three couples, one of whom is fond of embracing at regular intervals before and after every game.

Speaking of touchy feely behavior, there was plenty of it at a dinner I attended not too long ago with three couples. One of them thoughtfully brought along a single guy for me. Still, I couldn’t decide what made me more uncomfortable -- being surrounded by couples engaged in PDA or the fact that I had zero chemistry with bachelor guy.

The Third Wheel: Sometimes it's hard to avoid feeling like one when you're around couples

Being around lovebirds often makes it difficult not to feel like the odd woman out. Which is why it’s refreshing when a couple manages to have the opposite effect.

Like, for example, my colleagues Greg and Danielle. The formerly closeted couple, who recently came out at Quinn & Co. with news of their engagement, had an adorable exchange in the office earlier this week.

Upon catching a glimpse of his fiancée all gussied up for a black tie event, Greg exclaimed--

"You look so hot!”

Pumping his fist in the air, he quickly added--

“Yes! I can [finally] say that now.”

Danielle gave him a reproachful look that quickly melted into a radiant smile.

I couldn’t help smiling too. Witnessing two people who are perfect for each other does that to you -- and somehow makes it feel more probable that, one day, you’ll be part of a perfect pair too.

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