Monday, May 4, 2009

Online Exposure Of A Different Kind

When you work in journalism or public relations, quoting other people is part of the job. It’s rare to be quoted yourself as an expert -- which is why I was doubly excited to enjoy that particular honor twice recently.

A few weeks ago, my Quinn & Co boss John Frazier and I were interviewed for Bulldog Reporter, a PR trade publication, about our experiences working on Tourism Queensland’s Best Job In The World campaign.

In addition to sharing our observations on why the initiative -- a global search for an Island Caretaker -- has been such a runaway success, we had the opportunity to offer tips to other PR practitioners.

Best Job In The World: Tourism Queensland will announce on Wednesday who the destination’s Island Caretaker will be

Advice of a more personal nature got me quoted in an article about online dating. I shared my take on how to avoid getting stuck in email exchanges that go nowhere.

Though I’m still learning how to date smarter -- and how to be a great publicist -- it’s fun to share a little of what I’ve discovered about both along the way.

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