Saturday, May 30, 2009

Say It With SingleTease

When it comes to meeting members of the opposite sex, I’m a big believer in thinking outside the box -- or, in the case of SingleTease, inside the wardrobe.

Launched by single ladies Tamera Lawrence and Kristin Moore, SingleTease makes fun and flirty t-shirts designed to be conservation starters.

“Our male friends are surprised when we tell them that guys don't approach us,” the duo writes on their website. “So we started to think…are they intimidated by the idea of starting a conversation? Is there a way we could let them know that we’re available…and approachable?”

Their sassy SingleTees keep it simple, emblazoned with quick one-liners like “just ask me (out)” and “support your local library (check me out).” Mariah Carey wore one -- “boy scouting (are you prepared?)" -- in her “Touch My Body” video.

The pre-shrunk cotton shirts cost $28 -- cheaper than two months of online dating membership. That's my kind of recessionista bargain. I can’t wait to order mine and let the flirting begin.

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