Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekend Getaway: Kansas City

Friday night, my weekend jaunt to Kansas City kicked off with dinner at one of my favorite local restaurants.

My best galpal Lisa and I, along with Beth, one of her other longtime close friends, headed to Brio, an Italian bistro in the heart of The Plaza, KC’s charming downtown district.

Girls Night Out: Lisa, Beth and me at Brio in Kansas City’s Plaza district

We started off with some sangria and a mouth-watering spinach and artichoke dip (the best I’ve ever had). Next, I enjoyed shrimp and crab cakes with roasted vegetables, stealing a few bites of Lisa’s lasagna along the way.

As we savored our delicious meal and the attentive service of our perky waiter Jeremy, the three of us talked about flirting with men in hotel lobbies, dealing with sibling dramas and having kids when you’re over 35.

A married mom who had her daughter after 35, Beth got me thinking about fertility and being proactive about tilting the reproductive odds in my favor.

Eventually, we moved onto lighter conversational fare and a third course. Resistance to dessert proved futile when Jeremy showed us a tempting tray of demitasse cups filled with such delights as chocolate cake and Tiramisu. I opted for the vanilla crème brûlée. Divine.

After dinner, we headed upstairs to Brio’s cozy bar and lounge, where Brazilian-born manager Carolina treated us to a round of drinks.

As we raised our glasses, I thought of the gracious hospitality that characterizes the City of Fountains -- and how lucky I am to have a best friend who exemplifies it.


Mrs.Monaghan said...

I can't believe you were in Kansas City. How funny! I live only 30 minutes from there.
I read your blog every day about all the exciting things you are doing in New York and then I found this wonderful write up about Kansas City! We are blessed with a really beautiful area. Thanks for writing about it. I'm glad Kansas City was good to you!

Mrs.Monaghan said...

Sorry my post says Mrs. Monaghan! I used my school blog account to write my message!


La Plates Blog said...

Glad you had fun in KC! Brio is a great place and the bar upstairs is a favorite spot for our girls' nights out too!

Melissa said...

So excited to hear from both of you ladies! Kansas City has long been one of my favorite places -- especially because it's home to my best friend.

Let me know if you have any suggestions for places I should explore on my next visit!