Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Week To Remember

Once in awhile, a vacation offers up the perfect mix of rejuvenation, romance and female bonding. This week, that’s exactly what I enjoyed.

It began with a festive happy hour for Single Gal In The City’s upcoming one-year anniversary. The high from celebrating continued when I learned on Friday that I’ve made the Top 50 shortlist for A Really Goode Job -- the highly coveted California vineyard gig that received nearly 2,000 applicants.

Kicking Back in CT: relaxing at The Spa At Norwich Inn

The relaxation apex of my week off -- a Connecticut getaway with good friend Bobbi to the fabulous Spa At Norwich Inn.

Add to all of this excitement date #2 with adorable, intriguing cop Rich and winning $50 at Mohegan Sun and you’ve got a perfect respite from work.

Coming up….details about my action-packed vaca and a look at the parental relationship effect.

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